Bradford Curry Project

Our mission:
To provide a free meals service for the homeless, poor and underprivileged people of Bradford.

Bradford Curry Project is a multi-faith, multi-cultural charity in which all the major faiths of Bradford work together to serve those in need.  The aim of the organisation is to provide free meals to people in Bradford who are in need.

We serve a sit down 2 or 3 course meal every Saturdays at a venue 10 minutes walk from the centre of Bradford.

The project was launched 35 years ago by Lashman Singh, who started out serving food from a van outside the old John Street Market and we became a charity in 1995.

Why are we called the ‘Curry Project’?  Because in Asian communities the word ‘curry’ is a common denominator for food.  But just as a soup kitchen doesn’t just hand out soup, we don’t just make curry.

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